Rainer brings with him polling experience from 25 election campaigns in Europe and Australasia. A solution-finder that will discover any risk, chance or problem by way of quantitative research methods, he’s not only the head chef de cuisine in Jana’s kitchen, where he is in charge of whipping up unconventional dishes for her kids, but also one of the most loyal SV Waldhof Mannheim fans around – he’s been going to the club’s football matches since the 80’s.

Rainer Faus

managing partner

Jana has been demonstrating the value of qualitative research for clear strategic directives for over a decade. She is also responsible for developing and testing campaigns and ideas. Whatever leaves her lab will work. This crafty feminist loves making unique handiwork creations with Rainer’s kids and going to the spa – as long as she doesn’t run into any clients or colleagues there.

Jana Faus

managing partner

Matthias is no classic number cruncher - he’s interested in the arguments and explanations behind the data. He has got an eye for detail without ever losing sight of the big picture. Matthias came to Berlin because of techno and politics. He’s since then evolved into a Lindy Hop dancer – at least that is what his new haircut will have you believe.

Matthias Hartl

senior consultant

Leonie is seriously into numbers, which explains why she’s always able to maintain an overview of even extensive data sets. She is always exploring new perspectives both in data analysis and in trips around the world. Leonie always keeps an eye on benchmarks and never works without a system: So far, she has crossed 28 of 79 destinations off her travel bucket list.

Leonie Schulz


Very eager for complex data analysis and has a weakness for statistics. Knows from jogging exercise that numbers fluctuate just like mileage – the long-run strategy will thrive in the end. At the office, too, he cannot hide his leaning towards perfectionism. If something does not go smoothly, he listens to The Smiths and goes back to work.

Simon Storks


Andrina listens carefully, observes and pays attention to details while interviewing. With her knowledge of qualitative research she gets to the bottom of everything. Apart from working, she spends her time with art and rap music.

Andrina Jurrat


Jonas has turned his desire to understand political and social phenomenons into a profession and is interested in the stories behind data and people. He appreciates analytical thinking and well-organized research as well as a hearty laugh, good food and holidays at the sea.

Jonas Dohr

project manager

Nina wants to save the world. She is a workaholic therefore she studies office management and politics, administration and sociology. Keen to understand political and social structures and with a passion for a well-organised work place, pollytix is her place to be. She spends her free time building Lego  with her kids and in tattoo studios.

Nina Tanzberger

office assistant

As a future psychologist, Daniel is convinced that human behaviour and emotions can be described in numbers. He is currenty doing an internship at pollytix to learn more about the art of opinion research. When he's not trying to keep the whole agency together (obviously what else is the job of an intern?), he likes to travel or relax to his favourite record.

Photograph courtesy of DUMMY

Daniel Busacca Dolleo