Rainer brings with him polling experience from 25 election campaigns in Europe and Australasia. A solution-finder that will discover any risk, chance or problem by way of quantitative research methods, he’s not only the head chef de cuisine in Jana’s kitchen, where he is in charge of whipping up unconventional dishes for her kids, but also one of the most loyal SV Waldhof Mannheim fans around – he’s been going to the club’s football matches since the 80’s.

Rainer Faus

managing partner

Jana has been demonstrating the value of qualitative research for clear strategic directives for over a decade. She is also responsible for developing and testing campaigns and ideas. Whatever leaves her lab will work. This crafty feminist loves making unique handiwork creations with Rainer’s kids and going to the spa – as long as she doesn’t run into any clients or colleagues there.

Jana Faus

managing partner

Leonie is seriously into numbers, which explains why she’s always able to maintain an overview of even extensive data sets. She is always exploring new perspectives both in data analysis and in trips around the world. Leonie always keeps an eye on benchmarks and never works without a system: So far, she has crossed 28 of 79 destinations off her travel bucket list.

Leonie Schulz

senior consultant

Very eager for complex data analysis and has a weakness for statistics. Knows from jogging exercise that numbers fluctuate just like mileage – the long-run strategy will thrive in the end. At the office, too, he cannot hide his leaning towards perfectionism. If something does not go smoothly, he listens to Molly Nilsson and goes back to work.

Simon Storks

senior consultant
Prefers language and stories to numbers and stats. Will press for answers until she genuinely understands the issue at hand. Has a background in cultural sciences and social psychology and is particularly interested in lived experiences, societal trends and common-sense reasoning. Has previously researched knife crime and the Metropolitan Police at UCL – and still loves true crime podcasts and English breakfast tea.

Lina Ludwig


Likes to investigate data and is always interested in new methods and perspectives. Does not shy away from the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. Thinks strategically, not only in board/card games with friends.

Lutz Ickstadt


Selina is good at organizing and likes to keep track of complex issues. She rather deals with qualitative data, especially biographies and in-depth interviews, than quantitative data. Discovered her interest in politics and society as a teenager. Her taste in music has  changed over the years, but she still likes to go to punk concerts. She can't live without books, nature and chocolate.

Selina Alin

project management

Originating rather from the spheres of discourse than those of graphs and numbers, he explores and points out ambiguity and complexity. For pollytix, he takes the pulse of pressing societal tensions and sketches out solutions for its clients. He also plays defense for a Kreuzberg football team and enjoys relaxed weekends – particularly since Corona.

Markus Sperl

project management
Is passionate about science & research and about applying findings in a practical manner. Likes to keep the international perspective in mind, loves interdisciplinarity and new angles. Enjoys immersing herself in people, language and society. Drinks gallons of coffee. Likes to get philosophical. And is on the record saying: “Freddy Mercury is the greatest artist of all time. Change my mind.”

Charlotte Faltas


Developed a passion for languages and cultures from an early age, fuelled by her bilingual childhood. Interested in politics since her young years - used to go to demos and conferences, now in the office. Travels and dances at any given opportunity. Talks a lot, laughs loudly and loves good food.

Rena Schaffranke

office management

Martin discovered his passion for politcal communication during his media management studies in Hannover and is happy to put theory into practice during his internship with pollytix. Politics is also his passion in everyday life - when he's not busy volunteering, he loves reading political news.

Photograph courtesy of DUMMY

Isabelle Emig